Google Cloud SQL Connection

The gcpcloudsql:// connection is used by airflow.contrib.operators.gcp_sql_operator.CloudSqlQueryOperator to perform query on a Google Cloud SQL database. Google Cloud SQL database can be either Postgres or MySQL, so this is a “meta” connection type. It introduces common schema for both MySQL and Postgres, including what kind of connectivity should be used. Google Cloud SQL supports connecting via public IP or via Cloud SQL Proxy. In the latter case the CloudSqlDatabaseHook uses CloudSqlProxyRunner to automatically prepare and use temporary Postgres or MySQL connection that will use the proxy to connect (either via TCP or UNIX socket.

Configuring the Connection

Host (required)

The host to connect to.

Schema (optional)

Specify the schema name to be used in the database.

Login (required)

Specify the user name to connect.

Password (required)

Specify the password to connect.

Extra (optional)

Specify the extra parameters (as JSON dictionary) that can be used in Google Cloud SQL connection.

Details of all the parameters supported in extra field can be found in CloudSqlDatabaseHook

Example “extras” field:

   "database_type": "mysql",
   "project_id": "example-project",
   "location": "europe-west1",
   "instance": "testinstance",
   "use_proxy": true,
   "sql_proxy_use_tcp": false

When specifying the connection as URI (in AIRFLOW_CONN_* variable), you should specify it following the standard syntax of DB connection, where extras are passed as parameters of the URI. Note that all components of the URI should be URL-encoded.

For example:


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