Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow Core, which includes webserver, scheduler, CLI and other components that are needed for minimal Airflow installation. Read the documentation >>

Providers packages

Providers packages include integrations with third party projects. They are updated independently of the Apache Airflow core. Read the documentation >>

Docker stack

Airflow has an official Dockerfile and Docker image published in DockerHub as a convenience package for installation. You can extend and customize the image according to your requirements and use it in your own deployments. Read the documentation >>

Helm Chart

Airflow has an official Helm Chart that will help you set up your own Airflow on a cloud/on-prem Kubernetes environment and leverage its scalable nature to support a large group of users. Thanks to Kubernetes, we are not tied to a specific cloud provider. Read the documentation >>

Python API Client

Airflow releases official Python API client that can be used to easily interact with Airflow REST API from Python code. See the client repository