Package apache-airflow-providers-common-sql

Common SQL Provider

Release: 1.3.4

Provider package

This is a provider package for common.sql provider. All classes for this provider package are in airflow.providers.common.sql python package.


You can install this package on top of an existing Airflow 2 installation (see Requirements below) for the minimum Airflow version supported) via pip install apache-airflow-providers-common-sql


PIP package

Version required





Bug Fixes

  • Do not process output when do_xcom_push=False  (#29599)


Bug Fixes

  • Handle non-compliant behaviour of Exasol cursor (#28744)


Bug Fixes

  • fIx isort problems introduced by recent isort release (#28434)

  • Fix template rendering for Common SQL operators (#28202)

  • Defer to hook setting for split_statements in SQLExecuteQueryOperator (#28635)


  • Clarify docstrings for updated DbApiHook (#27966)


This release fixes a few errors that were introduced in common.sql operator while refactoring common parts:

  • _process_output method in SQLExecuteQueryOperator has now consistent semantics and typing, it can also modify the returned (and stored in XCom) values in the operators that derive from the SQLExecuteQueryOperator).

  • descriptions of all returned results are stored as descriptions property in the DBApiHook

  • last description of the cursor whether to return single query results values are now exposed in DBApiHook via last_description property.

Lack of consistency in the operator caused 1.3.0 to be yanked - the 1.3.0 should not be used - if you have 1.3.0 installed, upgrade to 1.3.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Restore removed (but used) methods in common.sql (#27843)

  • Fix errors in Databricks SQL operator introduced when refactoring (#27854)

  • Bump common.sql provider to 1.3.1 (#27888)

  • Fixing the behaviours of SQL Hooks and Operators finally (#27912)


This release of provider is only available for Airflow 2.3+ as explained in the Apache Airflow providers support policy.


  • Move min airflow version to 2.3.0 for all providers (#27196)


  • Add SQLExecuteQueryOperator (#25717)

  • Use DbApiHook.run for DbApiHook.get_records and DbApiHook.get_first (#26944)

  • DbApiHook consistent insert_rows logging (#26758)

Bug Fixes

  • Common sql bugfixes and improvements (#26761)

  • Use unused SQLCheckOperator.parameters in SQLCheckOperator.execute. (#27599)



  • Make placeholder style configurable (#25939)

  • Better error message for pre-common-sql providers (#26051)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix (and test) SQLTableCheckOperator on postgresql (#25821)

  • Don't use Pandas for SQLTableCheckOperator (#25822)

  • Discard semicolon stripping in SQL hook (#25855)



  • Improve taskflow type hints with ParamSpec (#25173)

  • Move all "old" SQL operators to common.sql providers (#25350)

  • Deprecate hql parameters and synchronize DBApiHook method APIs (#25299)

  • Unify DbApiHook.run() method with the methods which override it (#23971)

  • Common SQLCheckOperators Various Functionality Update (#25164)

Bug Fixes

  • Allow Legacy SqlSensor to use the common.sql providers (#25293)

  • Fix fetch_all_handler & db-api tests for it (#25430)

  • Align Common SQL provider logo location (#25538)

  • Fix SQL split string to include ';-less' statements (#25713)


Initial version of the provider. Adds SQLColumnCheckOperator and SQLTableCheckOperator. Moves DBApiHook, SQLSensor and ConnectorProtocol to the provider.

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