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class airflow.hooks.zendesk_hook.ZendeskHook(zendesk_conn_id)[source]

Bases: airflow.hooks.base_hook.BaseHook

A hook to talk to Zendesk

__handle_rate_limit_exception(self, rate_limit_exception)[source]

Sleep for the time specified in the exception. If not specified, wait for 60 seconds.

call(self, path, query=None, get_all_pages=True, side_loading=False)[source]

Call Zendesk API and return results

  • path – The Zendesk API to call

  • query – Query parameters

  • get_all_pages – Accumulate results over all pages before returning. Due to strict rate limiting, this can often timeout. Waits for recommended period between tries after a timeout.

  • side_loading – Retrieve related records as part of a single request. In order to enable side-loading, add an ‘include’ query parameter containing a comma-separated list of resources to load. For more information on side-loading see

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