This module contains the Trino operator.

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Executes sql code using a specific Trino query Engine.

class airflow.providers.trino.operators.trino.TrinoOperator(*, trino_conn_id='trino_default', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.providers.common.sql.operators.sql.SQLExecuteQueryOperator

Executes sql code using a specific Trino query Engine.

This class is deprecated.

Please use airflow.providers.common.sql.operators.sql.SQLExecuteQueryOperator.

See also

For more information on how to use this operator, take a look at the guide: TrinoOperator

  • sql – the SQL code to be executed as a single string, or a list of str (sql statements), or a reference to a template file.

  • trino_conn_id (str) – id of the connection config for the target Trino environment

  • autocommit – What to set the connection’s autocommit setting to before executing the query

  • handler – The result handler which is called with the result of each statement.

  • parameters – (optional) the parameters to render the SQL query with.

template_fields: Sequence[str] = ('sql',)[source]
template_ext: Sequence[str] = ('.sql',)[source]
ui_color = '#ededed'[source]

Override this method to clean up subprocesses when a task instance gets killed.

Any use of the threading, subprocess or multiprocessing module within an operator needs to be cleaned up, or it will leave ghost processes behind.

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