Supported operators

Below is a list of Operators that support OpenLineage extraction, along with specific DB types that are compatible with the SQLExecuteQueryOperator.


While we strive to keep the list of supported operators current, please be aware that our updating process is automated and may not always capture everything accurately.


You can easily implement OpenLineage support for any operator. See Implementing OpenLineage in Operators.

Core operators

At the moment, two core operators supports OpenLineage. These operators function as a ‘black box,’ capable of running any code, which might limit the extent of lineage extraction.

  • PythonOperator (via airflow.providers.openlineage.extractors.python.PythonExtractor)

  • BashOperator (via airflow.providers.openlineage.extractors.bash.BashExtractor)


uses SQL parsing for lineage extraction. To extract unique data from each database type, a dedicated Hook implementing OpenLineage methods is required. Currently, the following databases are supported:

Provider’s operators

The operators listed below from each provider are natively equipped with OpenLineage support.





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