This module contains Google Search Ads 360 hook.

Module Contents

class str = 'v2', gcp_conn_id: str = 'google_cloud_default', delegate_to: Optional[str] = None, impersonation_chain: Optional[Union[str, Sequence[str]]] = None)[source]


Hook for Google Search Ads 360.


Retrieves connection to Google SearchAds.

insert_report(self, report: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Inserts a report request into the reporting system.


report (Dict[str, Any]) -- Report to be generated.

get(self, report_id: str)[source]

Polls for the status of a report request.


report_id (str) -- ID of the report request being polled.

get_file(self, report_fragment: int, report_id: str)[source]

Downloads a report file encoded in UTF-8.

  • report_fragment (int) -- The index of the report fragment to download.

  • report_id (str) -- ID of the report.

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