This module contains Google DisplayVideo hook.

Module Contents

class str = 'v1', gcp_conn_id: str = 'google_cloud_default', delegate_to: Optional[str] = None, impersonation_chain: Optional[Union[str, Sequence[str]]] = None)[source]


Hook for Google Display & Video 360.


Retrieves connection to DisplayVideo.


Retrieves connection to DisplayVideo.

static erf_uri(partner_id, entity_type)[source]

Return URI for all Entity Read Files in bucket.

For example, if you were generating a file name to retrieve the entity read file for partner 123 accessing the line_item table from April 2, 2013, your filename would look something like this: gdbm-123/entity/20130402.0.LineItem.json

More information:

:param partner_id The numeric ID of your Partner. :type partner_id: int :param entity_type: The type of file Partner, Advertiser, InsertionOrder, LineItem, Creative, Pixel, InventorySource, UserList, UniversalChannel, and summary. :type entity_type: str

create_query(self, query: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Creates a query.


query (Dict[str, Any]) -- Query object to be passed to request body.

delete_query(self, query_id: str)[source]

Deletes a stored query as well as the associated stored reports.


query_id (str) -- Query ID to delete.

get_query(self, query_id: str)[source]

Retrieves a stored query.


query_id (str) -- Query ID to retrieve.


Retrieves stored queries.

run_query(self, query_id: str, params: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Runs a stored query to generate a report.

  • query_id (str) -- Query ID to run.

  • params (Dict[str, Any]) -- Parameters for the report.

upload_line_items(self, line_items: Any)[source]

Uploads line items in CSV format.


line_items (Any) -- downloaded data from GCS and passed to the body request


response body.

Return type

List[Dict[str, Any]]

download_line_items(self, request_body: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Retrieves line items in CSV format.


request_body (Dict[str, Any]) -- dictionary with parameters that should be passed into. More information about it can be found here:

create_sdf_download_operation(self, body_request: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Creates an SDF Download Task and Returns an Operation.


body_request (Dict[str, Any]) -- Body request.

More information about body request n be found here:

get_sdf_download_operation(self, operation_name: str)[source]

Gets the latest state of an asynchronous SDF download task operation.


operation_name (str) -- The name of the operation resource.

download_media(self, resource_name: str)[source]

Downloads media.


resource_name (str) -- of the media that is being downloaded.

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