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class airflow.sensors.filesystem.FileSensor(*, filepath, fs_conn_id='fs_default', recursive=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.sensors.base.BaseSensorOperator

Waits for a file or folder to land in a filesystem.

If the path given is a directory then this sensor will only return true if any files exist inside it (either directly, or within a subdirectory)

  • fs_conn_id (str) – reference to the File (path) connection id

  • filepath (str) – File or folder name (relative to the base path set within the connection), can be a glob.

  • recursive (bool) – when set to True, enables recursive directory matching behavior of ** in glob filepath parameter. Defaults to False.

template_fields = ['filepath'][source]
ui_color = #91818a[source]
poke(self, context)[source]

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