Kubernetes Executor

The kubernetes executor is introduced in Apache Airflow 1.10.0. The Kubernetes executor will create a new pod for every task instance.

Example helm charts are available at scripts/ci/kubernetes/kube/{airflow,volumes,postgres}.yaml in the source distribution. The volumes are optional and depend on your configuration. There are two volumes available:

  • Dags:

    • By storing dags onto persistent disk, it will be made available to all workers

    • Another option is to use git-sync. Before starting the container, a git pull of the dags repository will be performed and used throughout the lifecycle of the pod

  • Logs:

    • By storing logs onto a persistent disk, the files are accessible by workers and the webserver. If you don’t configure this, the logs will be lost after the worker pods shuts down

    • Another option is to use S3/GCS/etc to store logs

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