Base class for all hooks

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airflow.hooks.base_hook.CONN_ENV_PREFIX = AIRFLOW_CONN_[source]
class airflow.hooks.base_hook.BaseHook(source)[source]

Bases: airflow.utils.log.logging_mixin.LoggingMixin

Abstract base class for hooks, hooks are meant as an interface to interact with external systems. MySqlHook, HiveHook, PigHook return object that can handle the connection and interaction to specific instances of these systems, and expose consistent methods to interact with them.

classmethod _get_connections_from_db(cls, conn_id, session=None)[source]
classmethod _get_connection_from_env(cls, conn_id)[source]
classmethod get_connections(cls, conn_id)[source]

Get all connections as an iterable.


conn_id – connection id


array of connections

classmethod get_connection(cls, conn_id)[source]
classmethod get_hook(cls, conn_id)[source]
get_records(self, sql)[source]
get_pandas_df(self, sql)[source]
run(self, sql)[source]

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