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Fetch the status for the query ids passed.

class airflow.providers.snowflake.triggers.snowflake_trigger.SnowflakeSqlApiTrigger(poll_interval, query_ids, snowflake_conn_id, token_life_time, token_renewal_delta)[source]

Bases: airflow.triggers.base.BaseTrigger

Fetch the status for the query ids passed.

  • poll_interval (float) – polling period in seconds to check for the status

  • query_ids (list[str]) – List of Query ids to run and poll for the status

  • snowflake_conn_id (str) – Reference to Snowflake connection id

  • token_life_time (datetime.timedelta) – lifetime of the JWT Token in timedelta

  • token_renewal_delta (datetime.timedelta) – Renewal time of the JWT Token in timedelta


Serialize SnowflakeSqlApiTrigger arguments and classpath.

async run()[source]

Wait for the query the snowflake query to complete.

async get_query_status(query_id)[source]

Return True if the SQL query is still running otherwise return False.

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