Snowflake Connection

The Snowflake connection type enables integrations with Snowflake.

Authenticating to Snowflake

Authenticate to Snowflake using the Snowflake python connector default authentication.

Default Connection IDs

Hooks, operators, and sensors related to Snowflake use snowflake_default by default.

Configuring the Connection


Specify the snowflake username.


Specify the snowflake password.

Host (optional)

Specify the snowflake hostname.

Schema (optional)

Specify the snowflake schema to be used.

Extra (optional)

Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in the snowflake connection. The following parameters are all optional:

  • account: Snowflake account name.

  • database: Snowflake database name.

  • region: Warehouse region.

  • warehouse: Snowflake warehouse name.

  • role: Snowflake role.

  • authenticator: To connect using OAuth set this parameter oath

  • private_key_file: Specify the path to the private key file.

  • session_parameters: Specify session level parameters

  • aws_access_key_id: Specify your aws S3 access key for use with the S3ToSnowflakeOperator.

  • aws_secret_access_key: Specify your aws S3 secret access key for use with the S3ToSnowflakeOperator.

When specifying the connection in environment variable you should specify it using URI syntax.

Note that all components of the URI should be URL-encoded.

Example connection string:

export AIRFLOW_CONN_SNOWFLAKE_DEFAULT='snowflake://user:password@snowflake.example/db-schema?account=account&database=snow-db&region=us-east&warehouse=snow-warehouse'

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