Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage Transfer Operator

Google has two services that store data. The Google Cloud Storage is used to store large data from various applications. The Google Drive is used to store daily use data, including documents and photos. Google Cloud Storage has strong integration with Google Cloud services. Google Drive has built-in mechanisms to facilitate group work e.g. document editor, file sharing mechanisms.

Prerequisite Tasks

To use these operators, you must do a few things:


Transfer files between Google Storage and Google Drive is performed with the GoogleDriveToGCSOperator operator.

Copy single files

The following Operator copies a single file from a shared Google Drive folder to a Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

Note that you can transfer a file from the root folder of a shared drive by passing the id of the shared drive to both the folder_id and drive_id parameters.


upload_gdrive_to_gcs = GoogleDriveToGCSOperator(

You can use Jinja templating with bucket_name, object_name, folder_id, file_name, drive_id, impersonation_chain parameters which allows you to dynamically determine values.


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