Google Cloud BigQuery Transfer Operator to Microsoft SQL Server

Google Cloud BigQuery is Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse offering. Microsoft SQL Server (MsSQL) is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. This operator can be used to copy data from a BigQuery table to MSSQL.

Prerequisite Tasks

To use these operators, you must do a few things:


Copying data from one BigQuery table to another is performed with the BigQueryToMsSqlOperator operator.

Use Jinja templating with target_table_name, impersonation_chain, dataset_id, table_id, source_project_dataset_table to define values dynamically.

You may use the parameter selected_fields to limit the fields to be copied (all fields by default), as well as the parameter replace to overwrite the destination table instead of appending to it. For more information, please refer to the links above.

Transferring data

The following Operator copies data from a BigQuery table to MsSQL.


bigquery_to_mssql = BigQueryToMsSqlOperator(

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