Google Cloud BigQuery Transfer Operator to Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud BigQuery is Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse offering. Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is a managed service for storing unstructured data. This operator can be used to export data from BigQuery tables into files in a Cloud Storage bucket.

Prerequisite Tasks

To use these operators, you must do a few things:


File transfer from GCS to BigQuery is performed with the BigQueryToGCSOperator operator.

Use Jinja templating with source_project_dataset_table, destination_cloud_storage_uris, export_format, labels, impersonation_chain, job_id to define values dynamically.

You may define multiple destination URIs, as well as other settings such as compression and export_format. For more information, please refer to the links above.

Importing files

The following Operator imports one or more files from GCS into a BigQuery table.


bigquery_to_gcs = BigQueryToGCSOperator(

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