This module contains Google Dataprep hook.

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Hook for connection with Dataprep API.


Bases: airflow.hooks.base.BaseHook

Hook for connection with Dataprep API. To get connection Dataprep with Airflow you need Dataprep token.

It should be added to the Connection in Airflow in JSON format.

conn_name_attr = dataprep_conn_id[source]
default_conn_name = google_cloud_dataprep_default[source]
conn_type = dataprep[source]
hook_name = Google Dataprep[source]
get_jobs_for_job_group(self, job_id)[source]

Get information about the batch jobs within a Cloud Dataprep job.


job_id (int) -- The ID of the job that will be fetched

get_job_group(self, job_group_id, embed, include_deleted)[source]

Get the specified job group. A job group is a job that is executed from a specific node in a flow.

  • job_group_id (int) -- The ID of the job that will be fetched

  • embed (str) -- Comma-separated list of objects to pull in as part of the response

  • include_deleted (bool) -- if set to "true", will include deleted objects

run_job_group(self, body_request)[source]

Creates a jobGroup, which launches the specified job as the authenticated user. This performs the same action as clicking on the Run Job button in the application. To get recipe_id please follow the Dataprep API documentation


body_request (dict) -- The identifier for the recipe you would like to run.

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