Flower is a web based tool for monitoring and administrating Celery clusters. This topic describes how to configure Airflow to secure your flower instance.

This is an optional component that is disabled by default in Community deployments and you need to configure it on your own if you want to use it.

Flower Authentication

Basic authentication for Celery Flower is supported.

You can specify the details either as an optional argument in the Flower process launching command, or as a configuration item in your airflow.cfg. For both cases, please provide user:password pairs separated by a comma.

airflow celery flower --basic-auth=user1:password1,user2:password2
flower_basic_auth = user1:password1,user2:password2

Flower URL Prefix

Enables deploying Celery Flower on non-root URL

For example to access Flower on http://example.com/flower run it with:

airflow celery flower --url-prefix=flower
flower_url_prefix = flower

NOTE: The old nginx rewrite is no longer needed

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