This module is deprecated. Please use airflow.utils.task_group. The module which provides a way to nest your DAGs and so your levels of complexity.

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Available options for skipped state propagation of subdag's tasks to parent dag tasks.


This class is deprecated.

class airflow.operators.subdag.SkippedStatePropagationOptions[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

Available options for skipped state propagation of subdag’s tasks to parent dag tasks.

ALL_LEAVES = 'all_leaves'[source]
ANY_LEAF = 'any_leaf'[source]
class airflow.operators.subdag.SubDagOperator(*, subdag, session=NEW_SESSION, conf=None, propagate_skipped_state=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.sensors.base.BaseSensorOperator

This class is deprecated. Please use airflow.utils.task_group.TaskGroup.

This runs a sub dag. By convention, a sub dag’s dag_id should be prefixed by its parent and a dot. As in parent.child. Although SubDagOperator can occupy a pool/concurrency slot, user can specify the mode=reschedule so that the slot will be released periodically to avoid potential deadlock.

ui_color = '#555'[source]
ui_fgcolor = '#fff'[source]
subdag: airflow.models.dag.DAG[source]

This hook is triggered right before self.execute() is called.


Function defined by the sensors while deriving this class should override.

post_execute(context, result=None)[source]

This hook is triggered right after self.execute() is called. It is passed the execution context and any results returned by the operator.

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