Airflow gives you an option to be notified of events happening in Airflow by writing listeners. Listeners are powered by pluggy

Right now Airflow exposes few types of events.

Lifecycle events

Those events - on_starting and before_stopping allow you to react to lifecycle to an Airflow Job, like SchedulerJob or BackfillJob.

TaskInstance state change events

Those events - on_task_instance_running, on_task_instance_success and on_task_instance_failed once TaskInstance state changes to one of the respective states. This generally happens on LocalTaskJob.

DagRun state change events

Those events - on_dag_run_running, on_dag_run_success and on_dag_run_failed once DagRun state changes to one of the respective states. This generally happens on SchedulerJob or BackfillJob.


To create a listener you will need to derive the import airflow.listeners.hookimpl and implement the hookimpls for events you want to be notified at.

Their specification is defined as hookspec in airflow/listeners/spec directory. Your implementation needs to accept the same named parameters as defined in hookspec, or Pluggy will complain about your plugin. On the other hand, you don’t need to implement every method - it’s perfectly fine to have a listener that implements just one method, or any subset of methods.

To include listener in your Airflow installation, include it as a part of an Airflow Plugin

Listener API is meant to be called across all dags, and all operators - in contrast to methods like on_success_callback, pre_execute and related family which are meant to provide callbacks for particular dag authors, or operator creators. There is no possibility to listen on events generated by particular dag.

This is an experimental feature.

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