Running Airflow with systemd

Airflow can integrate with systemd based systems. This makes watching your daemons easy as systemd can take care of restarting a daemon on failures.

In the scripts/systemd directory, you can find unit files that have been tested on Redhat based systems. These files can be used as-is by copying them over to /usr/lib/systemd/system.

The following assumptions have been made while creating these unit files:

  1. Airflow runs as the following user:group airflow:airflow.

  2. Airflow runs on a Redhat based system.

If this is not the case, appropriate changes will need to be made.

Please note that environment configuration is picked up from /etc/sysconfig/airflow.

An example file is supplied within scripts/systemd. You can also define configuration at AIRFLOW_HOME or AIRFLOW_CONFIG.

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