This module contains AWS SNS hook

Module Contents

class airflow.contrib.hooks.aws_sns_hook.AwsSnsHook(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.contrib.hooks.aws_hook.AwsHook

Interact with Amazon Simple Notification Service.


Get an SNS connection

publish_to_target(self, target_arn, message, subject=None, message_attributes=None)[source]

Publish a message to a topic or an endpoint.

  • target_arn (str) – either a TopicArn or an EndpointArn

  • message – the default message you want to send

  • message – str

  • subject (str) – subject of message

  • message_attributes (dict) –

    additional attributes to publish for message filtering. This should be a flat dict; the DataType to be sent depends on the type of the value:

    • bytes = Binary

    • str = String

    • int, float = Number

    • iterable = String.Array

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