Running Airflow with upstartΒΆ

Airflow can integrate with upstart based systems. Upstart automatically starts all airflow services for which you have a corresponding *.conf file in /etc/init upon system boot. On failure, upstart automatically restarts the process (until it reaches re-spawn limit set in a *.conf file).

You can find sample upstart job files in the scripts/upstart directory. These files have been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. You may have to adjust start on and stop on stanzas to make it work on other upstart systems. Some of the possible options are listed in scripts/upstart/README.

Modify *.conf files as needed and copy to /etc/init directory. It is assumed that airflow will run under airflow:airflow. Change setuid and setgid in *.conf files if you use other user/group

You can use initctl to manually start, stop, view status of the airflow process that has been integrated with upstart

initctl airflow-webserver status