Installation from PyPI

This page describes installations using the apache-airflow-providers package published in PyPI.

Installation tools

Only pip installation is currently officially supported.


While there are some successes with using other tools like poetry or pip-tools, they do not share the same workflow as pip - especially when it comes to constraint vs. requirements management. Installing via Poetry or pip-tools is not currently supported. If you wish to install airflow using those tools you should use the constraints and convert them to appropriate format and workflow that your tool requires.

There are known issues with bazel that might lead to circular dependencies when using it to install Airflow. Please switch to pip if you encounter such problems. Bazel community works on fixing the problem in this PR so it might be that newer versions of bazel will handle it.

Typical command to install airflow from PyPI looks like below (you need to use the right Airflow version and Python version):

pip install "apache-airflow-providers-celery" --constraint ""

This is an example, see Installation from PyPI for more examples, including how to upgrade the providers.

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