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A base hook for Yandex.Cloud related tasks.

class, yandex_conn_id=None, default_folder_id=None, default_public_ssh_key=None)[source]

Bases: airflow.hooks.base.BaseHook

A base hook for Yandex.Cloud related tasks.


yandex_conn_id (Optional[str]) -- The connection ID to use when fetching connection info.

conn_name_attr = yandex_conn_id[source]
default_conn_name = yandexcloud_default[source]
conn_type = yandexcloud[source]
hook_name = Yandex Cloud[source]
static get_connection_form_widgets()[source]

Returns connection widgets to add to connection form

classmethod provider_user_agent(cls)[source]

Construct User-Agent from Airflow core & provider package versions

static get_ui_field_behaviour()[source]

Returns custom field behaviour

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