Yandex.Cloud Connection

The Yandex.Cloud connection type enables the authentication in Yandex.Cloud services.

Authenticating to Yandex.Cloud

Normally service account keys are used for Yandex.Cloud API authentication.

As an alternative to service account key, user OAuth token can be used for authentication. See the for obtaining a user OAuth token.

Default Connection IDs

All hooks and operators related to Yandex.Cloud use yandexcloud_default connection by default.

Configuring the Connection

Service account auth JSON
JSON object as a string like::

{“id”, “…”, “service_account_id”: “…”, “private_key”: “…”}

Service account auth JSON file path

Path to the file containing service account auth JSON.

OAuth Token

OAuth token as a string.

SSH public key (optional)

The key will be placed to all created Compute nodes, allowing to have a root shell there.

Folder ID (optional)

Folder is a entity to separate different projects within the cloud.

If specified, this ID will be used by default during creation of nodes and clusters. See for details

Endpoint (optional)

Set API endpoint See for default

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