This module contains a Segment Hook which allows you to connect to your Segment account, retrieve data from it or write to that file.

NOTE: this hook also relies on the Segment analytics package:

Module Contents



Create new connection to Segment

class airflow.providers.segment.hooks.segment.SegmentHook(segment_conn_id='segment_default', segment_debug_mode=False, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.hooks.base.BaseHook

Create new connection to Segment and allows you to pull data out of Segment or write to it.

You can then use that file with other Airflow operators to move the data around or interact with segment.

  • segment_conn_id (str) – the name of the connection that has the parameters we need to connect to Segment. The connection should be type json and include a write_key security token in the Extras field.

  • segment_debug_mode (bool) – Determines whether Segment should run in debug mode. Defaults to False


You must include a JSON structure in the Extras field. We need a user’s security token to connect to Segment. So we define it in the Extras field as: {“write_key”:”YOUR_SECURITY_TOKEN”}

conn_name_attr = segment_conn_id[source]
default_conn_name = segment_default[source]
conn_type = segment[source]
hook_name = Segment[source]

Returns connection for the hook.

on_error(error, items)[source]

Handles error callbacks when using Segment with segment_debug_mode set to True

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