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WasbTaskHandler is a python log handler that handles and reads

class, wasb_log_folder, wasb_container, delete_local_copy, *, filename_template=None)[source]

Bases: airflow.utils.log.file_task_handler.FileTaskHandler, airflow.utils.log.logging_mixin.LoggingMixin

WasbTaskHandler is a python log handler that handles and reads task instance logs. It extends airflow FileTaskHandler and uploads to and reads from Wasb remote storage.


Returns WasbHook.


Provide task_instance context to airflow task handler.

Generally speaking returns None. But if attr maintain_propagate has been set to propagate, then returns sentinel MAINTAIN_PROPAGATE. This has the effect of overriding the default behavior to set propagate to False whenever set_context is called. At time of writing, this functionality is only used in unit testing.


ti – task instance object


Close and upload local log file to remote storage Wasb.


Check if remote_log_location exists in remote storage


remote_log_location (str) – log’s location in remote storage


True if location exists else False

Return type


wasb_read(remote_log_location, return_error=False)[source]

Returns the log found at the remote_log_location. Returns ‘’ if no logs are found or there is an error.

  • remote_log_location (str) – the log’s location in remote storage

  • return_error (bool) – if True, returns a string error message if an error occurs. Otherwise returns ‘’ when an error occurs.

wasb_write(log, remote_log_location, append=True)[source]

Writes the log to the remote_log_location. Fails silently if no hook was created.

  • log (str) – the log to write to the remote_log_location

  • remote_log_location (str) – the log’s location in remote storage

  • append (bool) – if False, any existing log file is overwritten. If True, the new log is appended to any existing logs.

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