Writing logs to Azure Blob Storage

Airflow can be configured to read and write task logs in Azure Blob Storage. It uses an existing Airflow connection to read or write logs. If you don’t have a connection properly setup, this process will fail.

Follow the steps below to enable Azure Blob Storage logging:

To enable this feature, airflow.cfg must be configured as in this example:

# Airflow can store logs remotely in AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage or Elastic Search.
# Users must supply an Airflow connection id that provides access to the storage
# location. If remote_logging is set to true, see UPDATING.md for additional
# configuration requirements.
remote_logging = True
remote_base_log_folder = wasb-base-folder/path/to/logs

remote_wasb_log_container = my-container
  1. Install the provider package with pip install apache-airflow-providers-microsoft-azure

  2. Ensure connection is already setup with read and write access to Azure Blob Storage in the remote_wasb_log_container container and path remote_base_log_folder.

  3. Setup the above configuration values. Please note that the remote_base_log_folder should start with wasb to select the correct handler as shown above and the container should already exist.

  4. Restart the Airflow webserver and scheduler, and trigger (or wait for) a new task execution.

  5. Verify that logs are showing up for newly executed tasks in the container at the specified base path you have defined.

  6. Verify that the Azure Blob Storage viewer is working in the UI. Pull up a newly executed task, and verify that you see something like:

*** Found remote logs:
***   * https://my-container.blob.core.windows.net/wasb-base-folder/path/to/logs/dag_id=tutorial_dag/run_id=manual__2023-07-22T22:22:25.891267+00:00/task_id=load/attempt=1.log
[2023-07-23, 03:52:47] {taskinstance.py:1144} INFO - Dependencies all met for dep_context=non-requeueable deps ti=<TaskInstance: tutorial_dag.load manual__2023-07-22T22:22:25.891267+00:00 [queued]>
[2023-07-23, 03:52:47] {taskinstance.py:1144} INFO - Dependencies all met for dep_context=requeueable deps ti=<TaskInstance: tutorial_dag.load manual__2023-07-22T22:22:25.891267+00:00 [queued]>
[2023-07-23, 03:52:47] {taskinstance.py:1346} INFO - Starting attempt 1 of 3

Note that the path to the remote log file is listed in the second line.

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