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A hook which wraps an Azure Volume.


Bases: airflow.hooks.base.BaseHook

A hook which wraps an Azure Volume.


azure_container_volume_conn_id (str) – Reference to the Azure Container Volume connection id of an Azure account of which container volumes should be used.

conn_name_attr = 'azure_container_volume_conn_id'[source]
default_conn_name = 'azure_container_volume_default'[source]
conn_type = 'azure_container_volume'[source]
hook_name = 'Azure Container Volume'[source]
classmethod get_connection_form_widgets()[source]

Return connection widgets to add to connection form.

classmethod get_ui_field_behaviour()[source]

Return custom field behaviour.

get_storagekey(*, storage_account_name=None)[source]

Get Azure File Volume storage key.

get_file_volume(mount_name, share_name, storage_account_name, read_only=False)[source]

Get Azure File Volume.

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