Writing logs to Google Stackdriver

Airflow can be configured to read and write task logs in Google Stackdriver Logging.

To enable this feature, airflow.cfg must be configured as in this example:

# Airflow can store logs remotely in AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage or Elastic Search.
# Users must supply an Airflow connection id that provides access to the storage
# location. If remote_logging is set to true, see UPDATING.md for additional
# configuration requirements.
remote_logging = True
remote_base_log_folder = stackdriver://logs-name

All configuration options are in the [logging] section.

The value of field remote_logging must always be set to True for this feature to work. Turning this option off will result in data not being sent to Stackdriver. The remote_base_log_folder option contains the URL that specifies the type of handler to be used. For integration with Stackdriver, this option should start with stackdriver://. The path section of the URL specifies the name of the log e.g. stackdriver://airflow-tasks writes logs under the name airflow-tasks.

You can set google_key_path option in the [logging] section to specify the path to the service account key file. If omitted, authorization based on the Application Default Credentials will be used.

By using the logging_config_class option you can get advanced features of this handler. Details are available in the handler's documentation - StackdriverTaskHandler.

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