Google Cloud BigQuery Connection

The Google Cloud BigQuery connection type enables integration with the Google Cloud BigQuery. As it is built on the top of Google Cloud Connection (i.e., BigQuery hook inherits from GCP base hook), the basic authentication methods and parameters are exactly the same as the Google Cloud Connection. Extra parameters that are specific to BigQuery will be covered in this document.

Configuring the Connection


Please refer to Google Cloud Connection docs for information regarding the basic authentication parameters.

Impersonation Scopes

Use Legacy SQL

Whether or not the connection should utilize legacy SQL.


One of BigQuery locations where the dataset resides. If None, it utilizes the default location configured in the BigQuery service.


Should be either “INTERACTIVE” or “BATCH”, see running queries docs. Interactive query jobs, which are jobs that BigQuery runs on demand. Batch query jobs, which are jobs that BigQuery waits to run until idle compute resources are available.

API Resource Configs

A dictionary containing parameters for configuring the Google BigQuery Jobs API. These configurations are applied according to the specifications outlined in the BigQuery Jobs API documentation. For example, you can specify configurations such as {‘query’: {‘useQueryCache’: False}}. This parameter is useful when you need to provide additional parameters that are not directly supported by the BigQueryHook.


A dictionary of labels to be applied on the BigQuery job.

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