PostgreSQL to GCS operator.

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Inspired by _PrestoToGCSPrestoCursorAdapter to keep this consistent.

Decorator for allowing description to be available for postgres cursor in case server side cursor is used. It doesn't provide other methods except those needed in BaseSQLToGCSOperator, which is more of a safety feature.


Fetch first row to initialize cursor description when using server side cursor.

class*, postgres_conn_id='postgres_default', use_server_side_cursor=False, cursor_itersize=2000, **kwargs)[source]


Copy data from Postgres to Google Cloud Storage in JSON or CSV format.

ui_color = #a0e08c[source]

Queries Postgres and returns a cursor to the results.

field_to_bigquery(self, field)[source]
convert_type(self, value, schema_type)[source]

Takes a value from Postgres, and converts it to a value that's safe for JSON/Google Cloud Storage/BigQuery. Dates are converted to UTC seconds. Decimals are converted to floats. Times are converted to seconds.

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