This module contains a Google Text to Speech operator.

Module Contents

class*, input_data: Union[Dict, SynthesisInput], voice: Union[Dict, VoiceSelectionParams], audio_config: Union[Dict, AudioConfig], target_bucket_name: str, target_filename: str, project_id: Optional[str] = None, gcp_conn_id: str = 'google_cloud_default', retry: Optional[Retry] = None, timeout: Optional[float] = None, impersonation_chain: Optional[Union[str, Sequence[str]]] = None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.models.BaseOperator

Synthesizes text to speech and stores it in Google Cloud Storage

See also

For more information on how to use this operator, take a look at the guide: CloudTextToSpeechSynthesizeOperator

template_fields = ['input_data', 'voice', 'audio_config', 'project_id', 'gcp_conn_id', 'target_bucket_name', 'target_filename', 'impersonation_chain'][source]
execute(self, context)[source]

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