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GCSTaskHandler is a python log handler that handles and reads task instance logs.


class*, base_log_folder, gcs_log_folder, filename_template=None, gcp_key_path=None, gcp_keyfile_dict=None, gcp_scopes=_DEFAULT_SCOPESS, project_id=PROVIDE_PROJECT_ID, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.utils.log.file_task_handler.FileTaskHandler, airflow.utils.log.logging_mixin.LoggingMixin

GCSTaskHandler is a python log handler that handles and reads task instance logs.

It extends airflow FileTaskHandler and uploads to and reads from GCS remote storage. Upon log reading failure, it reads from host machine’s local disk.

  • base_log_folder (str) – Base log folder to place logs.

  • gcs_log_folder (str) – Path to a remote location where logs will be saved. It must have the prefix gs://. For example: gs://bucket/remote/log/location

  • filename_template (str | None) – template filename string

  • gcp_key_path (str | None) – Path to Google Cloud Service Account file (JSON). Mutually exclusive with gcp_keyfile_dict. If omitted, authorization based on the Application Default Credentials will be used.

  • gcp_keyfile_dict (dict | None) – Dictionary of keyfile parameters. Mutually exclusive with gcp_key_path.

  • gcp_scopes (Collection[str] | None) – Comma-separated string containing OAuth2 scopes

  • project_id (str) – Project ID to read the secrets from. If not passed, the project ID from credentials will be used.

  • delete_local_copy – Whether local log files should be deleted after they are downloaded when using remote logging

trigger_should_wrap = True[source]

Returns GCSHook if remote_log_conn_id configured.


Returns GCS Client.

set_context(ti, *, identifier=None)[source]

Provide task_instance context to airflow task handler.

Generally speaking returns None. But if attr maintain_propagate has been set to propagate, then returns sentinel MAINTAIN_PROPAGATE. This has the effect of overriding the default behavior to set propagate to False whenever set_context is called. At time of writing, this functionality is only used in unit testing.

  • ti (airflow.models.taskinstance.TaskInstance) – task instance object

  • identifier (str | None) – if set, adds suffix to log file. For use when relaying exceptional messages to task logs from a context other than task or trigger run


Close and upload local log file to remote storage GCS.

gcs_write(log, remote_log_location)[source]

Write the log to the remote location and return True; fail silently and return False on error.

  • log – the log to write to the remote_log_location

  • remote_log_location – the log’s location in remote storage


whether the log is successfully written to remote location or not.

Return type


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