Apprise Connection

The Apprise connection type enables connection to multiple services to send notifications. The complete list of services supported can be found on the Apprise Wiki.

Default Connection IDs

Apprise hooks point to apprise_default by default.

Configuring the Connection

Config (required)

The service(s) to send notifications can be specified here. The format to specify a single service or multiple services is as follows:

Single service

  "path": "URI for the service",
  "tag": "tag name"

Multiple services

    "path": "URI for the service 1",
    "tag": "tag name"
    "path": "URI for the service 2",
    "tag": "tag name"

Using Environment Variable

The configuration can be provided in an environment variable.

AIRFLOW_CONN_APPRISE_DEFAULT='{"extra": {"config": {"path": "", "tags": "alert"}}}'

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