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class*, job_name: str = 'aws_glue_default_job', job_desc: str = 'AWS Glue Job with Airflow', script_location: Optional[str] = None, concurrent_run_limit: Optional[int] = None, script_args: Optional[dict] = None, retry_limit: Optional[int] = None, num_of_dpus: int = 6, aws_conn_id: str = 'aws_default', region_name: Optional[str] = None, s3_bucket: Optional[str] = None, iam_role_name: Optional[str] = None, create_job_kwargs: Optional[dict] = None, run_job_kwargs: Optional[dict] = None, wait_for_completion: bool = True, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.models.BaseOperator

Creates an AWS Glue Job. AWS Glue is a serverless Spark ETL service for running Spark Jobs on the AWS cloud. Language support: Python and Scala

  • job_name (Optional[str]) -- unique job name per AWS Account

  • script_location (Optional[str]) -- location of ETL script. Must be a local or S3 path

  • job_desc (Optional[str]) -- job description details

  • concurrent_run_limit (Optional[int]) -- The maximum number of concurrent runs allowed for a job

  • script_args (dict) -- etl script arguments and AWS Glue arguments (templated)

  • retry_limit (Optional[int]) -- The maximum number of times to retry this job if it fails

  • num_of_dpus (int) -- Number of AWS Glue DPUs to allocate to this Job.

  • region_name (str) -- aws region name (example: us-east-1)

  • s3_bucket (Optional[str]) -- S3 bucket where logs and local etl script will be uploaded

  • iam_role_name (Optional[str]) -- AWS IAM Role for Glue Job Execution

  • create_job_kwargs (Optional[dict]) -- Extra arguments for Glue Job Creation

  • run_job_kwargs (Optional[dict]) -- Extra arguments for Glue Job Run

  • wait_for_completion (bool) -- Whether or not wait for job run completion. (default: True)

template_fields = ['script_args'][source]
template_ext = [][source]
ui_color = #ededed[source]
execute(self, context)[source]

Executes AWS Glue Job from Airflow


the id of the current glue job.

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