Release Notes

Run helm repo update before upgrading the chart to the latest version.

Airflow Helm Chart 1.12.0 (2024-02-11)

Significant Changes

The helm chart is now using a newer version of bitnami/postgresql dependency (#34817)

The version of bitnami/postgresql subchart upgraded from 12.10.0 to 13.2.24. The version of PostgreSQL binaries upgraded from 11 to 16.1.0.

The change requires existing bitnami/postgresql subchart users to perform manual major version upgrade using pg_dumpall or pg_upgrade.

As a reminder, it is recommended to set up an external database in production.

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.8.1 (#36907)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.8.1, previously it was 2.7.1.

Default PgBouncer and PgBouncer Exporter images have been updated (#36898)

The PgBouncer and PgBouncer Exporter images are based on newer software/os.

  • pgbouncer: 1.21.0 based on alpine 3.14 (airflow-pgbouncer-2024.01.19-1.21.0)

  • pgbouncer-exporter: 0.16.0 based on alpine 3.19 (apache/airflow:airflow-pgbouncer-exporter-2024.01.19-0.16.0)

Default StatsD image is updated to v0.26.0 (#37187)

The default StatsD image that is used with the Chart is now v0.26.0, previously it was v0.22.8.

Default Redis image is updated to 7-bookworm (#37187)

The default Redis image that is used with the Chart is now 7-bookworm, previously it was 7-bullseye.

New Features

  • Enable native HPA for Airflow Workers (#36174)

  • Add init container + sidecar support for Airflow Kerberos (#35548)

  • Support MySQL backend as KEDA trigger (#36167)


  • Improve PriorityClass to improve debuggability (#36365)

  • Add securityContexts in dag processors log groomer sidecar (#34499)

  • Add support for securityContexts in dag processors wait-for-migrations container (#35593)

  • Add templating for PVC storageClassName (#35581)

  • Add volumeClaimTemplate for worker (#34986)

  • Add support for priorityClassName on Redis pods (#34879)

  • Configurable mount path for DAGs volume (#35083)

  • Add support for custom emptyDir config (#34837)

  • Added ability to enable/disable scheduler and webserver (#36991)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix StatsD host in Airflow config (#35679)

  • Set AIRFLOW_HOME env var with airflowHome value (#34839)

  • Safer worker pod annotations (#35309)

  • Set worker safeToEvict properly (#35130)

  • Fix Redis broker URL with useStandardNaming (#34825)

  • Fix metadata DB & port in KEDA connection when usePgbouncer is false (#34741)

  • Fix PgBouncer connection with useStandardNaming (#34787)

Doc only changes

  • Add docs about extending the Airflow Helm chart (#36331)

  • Add comment for Elasticsearch connection scheme (#35588)

  • Add notes about Virtualenvs preventing the need for custom images (#35306)


  • Default Airflow version to 2.8.1 (#36907)

  • Support git-sync v4 (#34731)

  • Upgrade bitnami/postgresql subchart to 13.2.24 (#36156)

  • Change git sync container indent to 4 (#35824)

  • Remove K8S 1.24 support (#35214)

  • Rebuild pgbouncer and pgbouncer-exporter images with newer versions (#36898)

  • Update statsd and redis chart images (#37187)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.11.0 (2023-10-02)

Significant Changes

Support naming customization on helm chart resources, some resources may be renamed during upgrade (#31066)

This is a new opt-in switch useStandardNaming, for backwards compatibility, to leverage the standard naming convention, which allows full use of fullnameOverride and nameOverride in all resources.

The following resources will be renamed using default of useStandardNaming=false when upgrading to 1.11.0 or a higher version.

  • ConfigMap {release}-airflow-config to {release}-config

  • Secret {release}-airflow-metadata to {release}-metadata

  • Secret {release}-airflow-result-backend to {release}-result-backend

  • Ingress {release}-airflow-ingress to {release}-ingress

For existing installations, all your resources will be recreated with a new name and Helm will delete the previous resources.

This won’t delete existing PVCs for logs used by StatefulSet/Deployments, but it will recreate them with brand new PVCs. If you do want to preserve logs history you’ll need to manually copy the data of these volumes into the new volumes after deployment. Depending on what storage backend/class you’re using this procedure may vary. If you don’t mind starting with fresh logs/redis volumes, you can just delete the old PVCs that will be names, for example:

kubectl delete pvc -n airflow logs-gta-triggerer-0
kubectl delete pvc -n airflow logs-gta-worker-0
kubectl delete pvc -n airflow redis-db-gta-redis-0

If you do not change useStandardNaming or fullnameOverride after upgrade, you can proceed as usual and no unexpected behaviours will be presented.

bitnami/postgresql subchart updated to 12.10.0 (#33747)

The PostgreSQL subchart that is used with the Chart is now 12.10.0, previously it was 12.1.9.

Default git-sync image is updated to 3.6.9 (#33748)

The default git-sync image that is used with the Chart is now 3.6.9, previously it was 3.6.3.

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.7.1 (#34186)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.7.1, previously it was 2.6.2.

New Features

  • Add support for scheduler name to PODs templates (#33843)

  • Support KEDA scaling for triggerer (#32302)

  • Add support for container lifecycle hooks (#32349, #34677)

  • Support naming customization on helm chart resources (#31066)

  • Adding startupProbe to scheduler and webserver (#33107)

  • Allow disabling token mounts using automountServiceAccountToken (#32808)

  • Add support for defining custom priority classes (#31615)

  • Add support for runtimeClassName (#31868)

  • Add support for custom query in workers KEDA trigger (#32308)


  • Add containerSecurityContext for cleanup job (#34351)

  • Add existing secret support for PGBouncer metrics exporter (#32724)

  • Allow templating in webserver ingress hostnames (#33142)

  • Allow templating in flower ingress hostnames (#33363)

  • Add configmap annotations to StatsD and webserver (#33340)

  • Add pod security context to PgBouncer (#32662)

  • Add an option to use a direct DB connection in KEDA when PgBouncer is enabled (#32608)

  • Allow templating in cleanup.schedule (#32570)

  • Template dag processor waitformigration containers extraVolumeMounts (#32100)

  • Ability to inject extra containers into PgBouncer (#33686)

  • Allowing ability to add custom env into PgBouncer container (#33438)

  • Add support for env variables in the StatsD container (#33175)

Bug Fixes

  • Add airflow db migrate command to database migration job (#34178)

  • Pass workers.terminationGracePeriodSeconds into KubeExecutor pod template (#33514)

  • CeleryExecutor namespace depends on Airflow version (#32753)

  • Fix dag processor not including webserver config volume (#32644)

  • Dag processor liveness probe include --local and --job-type args (#32426)

  • Revising flower_url_prefix considering default value (#33134)

Doc only changes

  • Add more explicit “embedded postgres” exclusion for production (#33034)

  • Update git-sync description (#32181)


  • Default Airflow version to 2.7.1 (#34186)

  • Update PostgreSQL subchart to 12.10.0 (#33747)

  • Update git-sync to 3.6.9 (#33748)

  • Remove unnecessary loops to load env from helm values (#33506)

  • Replace common.tplvalues.render with tpl in ingress template files (#33384)

  • Remove K8S 1.23 support (#32899)

  • Fix chart named template comments (#32681)

  • Remove outdated comment from chart values in the workers KEDA conf section (#32300)

  • Remove unnecessary or function in template files (#34415)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.10.0 (2023-06-26)

Significant Changes

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.6.2 (#31979)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.6.2, previously it was 2.5.3.

New Features

  • Add support for container security context (#31043)


  • Validate executor and config.core.executor match (#30693)

  • Support minAvailable property for PodDisruptionBudget (#30603)

  • Add volumeMounts to dag processor waitForMigrations (#30990)

  • Template extra volumes (#30773)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix webserver probes timeout and period (#30609)

  • Add missing waitForMigrations for workers (#31625)

  • Add missing priorityClassName to K8S worker pod template (#31328)

  • Adding log groomer sidecar to dag processor (#30726)

  • Do not propagate global security context to statsd and redis (#31865)


  • Default Airflow version to 2.6.2 (#31979)

  • Use template comments for the chart license header (#30569)

  • Align apiVersion and kind order in chart templates (#31850)

  • Cleanup Kubernetes < 1.23 support (#31847)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.9.0 (2023-04-14)

Significant Changes

Default PgBouncer and PgBouncer Exporter images have been updated (#29919)

The PgBouncer and PgBouncer Exporter images are based on newer software/os. They are also multi-platform AMD/ARM images:

  • pgbouncer: 1.16.1 based on alpine 3.14 (airflow-pgbouncer-2023.02.24-1.16.1)

  • pgbouncer-exporter: 0.14.0 based on alpine 3.17 (apache/airflow:airflow-pgbouncer-exporter-2023.02.21-0.14.0)

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.5.3 (#30411)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.5.3, previously it was 2.5.1.

New Features

  • Add support for hostAliases for Airflow webserver and scheduler (#30051)

  • Add support for annotations on StatsD Deployment and cleanup CronJob (#30126)

  • Add support for annotations in logs PVC (#29270)

  • Add support for annotations in extra ConfigMap and Secrets (#30303)

  • Add support for pod annotations to PgBouncer (#30168)

  • Add support for ttlSecondsAfterFinished on migrateDatabaseJob and createUserJob (#29314)

  • Add support for using SHA digest of Docker images (#30214)


  • Template extra volumes in Helm Chart (#29357)

  • Make Liveness/Readiness Probe timeouts configurable for PgBouncer Exporter (#29752)

  • Enable individual trigger logging (#29482)

Bug Fixes

  • Add config.kubernetes_executor to values (#29818)

  • Block extra properties in image config (#30217)

  • Remove replicas if KEDA is enabled (#29838)

  • Mount kerberos.keytab to worker when enabled (#29526)

  • Fix adding annotations for dag persistence PVC (#29622)

  • Fix bitnami/postgresql default username and password (#29478)

  • Add global volumes in pod template file (#29295)

  • Add log groomer sidecar to triggerer service (#29392)

  • Helm deployment fails when postgresql.nameOverride is used (#29214)

Doc only changes

  • Add gitSync optional env description (#29378)

  • Add webserver NodePort example (#29460)

  • Include Rancher in Helm chart install instructions (#28416)

  • Change RSA SSH host key to reflect update from Github (#30286)


  • Update Airflow version to 2.5.3 (#30411)

  • Switch to newer versions of PgBouncer and PgBouncer Exporter in chart (#29919)

  • Reformat chart templates (#29917)

  • Reformat chart templates part 2 (#29941)

  • Reformat chart templates part 3 (#30312)

  • Replace deprecated k8s registry references (#29938)

  • Fix airflow_dags_mount formatting (#29296)

  • Fix webserver.service.ports formatting (#29297)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.8.0 (2023-02-06)

Significant Changes

bitnami/postgresql subchart updated to 12.1.9 (#29071)

The version of postgresql installed is still version 11.

If you are upgrading an existing helm release with the built-in postgres database, you will either need to delete your release and reinstall fresh, or manually delete these 2 objects:

kubectl delete secret {RELEASE_NAME}-postgresql
kubectl delete statefulset {RELEASE_NAME}-postgresql

As a reminder, it is recommended to set up an external database in production.

This version of the chart uses different variable names for setting usernames and passwords in the postgres database.

  • postgresql.auth.enablePostgresUser is used to determine if the “postgres” admin account will be created.

  • postgresql.auth.postgresPassword sets the password for the “postgres” user.

  • postgresql.auth.username and postrgesql.auth.password are used to set credentials for a non-admin account if desired.

  • postgresql.postgresqlUsername and postgresql.postresqlPassword, which were used in the previous version of the chart, are no longer used.

Users will need to make those changes in their values files if they are changing the Postgres configuration.

Previously the subchart version was 10.5.3.

Default dags.gitSync.wait reduced to 5 seconds (#27625)

The default for dags.gitSync.wait has been reduced from 60 seconds to 5 seconds to reduce the likelihood of DAGs becoming inconsistent between Airflow components. This will, however, increase traffic to the remote git repository.

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.5.1 (#29074)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.5.1, previously it was 2.4.1.

Default git-sync image is updated to 3.6.3 (#27848)

The default git-sync image that is used with the Chart is now 3.6.3, previously it was 3.4.0.

Default redis image is updated to 7-bullseye (#27443)

The default redis image that is used with the Chart is now 7-bullseye, previously it was 6-bullseye.

New Features

  • Add annotations on deployments (#28688)

  • Add global volume & volumeMounts to the chart (#27781)


  • Add support for webserverConfigConfigMapName (#27419)

  • Enhance chart to allow overriding command-line args to statsd exporter (#28041)

  • Add support for NodePort in Services (#26945)

  • Add worker log-groomer-sidecar enable option (#27178)

  • Add HostAliases to Pod template file (#27544)

  • Allow PgBouncer replicas to be configurable (#27439)

Bug Fixes

  • Create scheduler service to serve task logs for LocalKubernetesExecutor (#28828)

  • Fix NOTES.txt to show correct URL (#28264)

  • Add worker service account for LocalKubernetesExecutor (#28813)

  • Remove checks for 1.19 api checks (#28461)

  • Add airflow_local_settings to all airflow containers (#27779)

  • Make custom env vars optional for job templates (#27148)

  • Decrease default gitSync wait (#27625)

  • Add extraVolumeMounts to sidecars too (#27420)

  • Fix PgBouncer after PostgreSQL subchart upgrade (#29207)

Doc only changes

  • Enhance production guide with a few Argo specific guidelines (#29078)

  • Add doc note about Pod template images (#29032)

  • Update production guide db section (#28610)

  • Fix to LoadBalancer snippet (#28014)

  • Fix gitSync example code (#28083)

  • Correct repo example for cloning via ssh (#27671)


  • Update Airflow version to 2.5.1 (#29074)

  • Update git-sync to 3.6.3 (#27848)

  • Upgrade bitnami/postgresql subchart to 12.1.9 (#29071)

  • Update redis to 7 (#27443)

  • Replace helm chart icon (#27704)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.7.0 (2022-10-14)

Significant Changes

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.4.1 (#26485)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.4.1, previously it was 2.3.2.

New Features

  • Make cleanup job history configurable (#26838)

  • Added labels to specific Airflow components (#25031)

  • Add StatsD overrideMappings in Helm chart values (#26598)

  • Adding podAnnotations to StatsD deployment template (#25732)

  • Container specific extra environment variables (#24784)

  • Custom labels for extra Secrets and ConfigMaps (#25283)

  • Add revisionHistoryLimit to all deployments (#25059)

  • Adding podAnnotations to Redis StatefulSet (#23708)

  • Provision Standalone Dag Processor (#23711)

  • Add configurable scheme for webserver probes (#22815)

  • Add support for KEDA HPA config to Helm chart (#24220)


  • Add ‘executor’ label to Airflow scheduler deployment (#25684)

  • Add default flower_url_prefix in Helm chart values (#26415)

  • Add liveness probe to Celery workers (#25561)

  • Use sql_alchemy_conn for celery result backend when result_backend is not set (#24496)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pod template imagePullPolicy (#26423)

  • Do not declare a volume for sshKeySecret if dag persistence is enabled (#22913)

  • Pass worker annotations to generated pod template (#24647)

  • Fix semver compare number for jobs check command (#24480)

  • Use --local flag for liveness probes in Airflow 2.5+ (#24999)

Doc only changes

  • Improve documentation on helm hooks disabling (#26747)

  • Remove ssh:// prefix from git repo value (#26632)

  • Fix defaultAirflowRepository comment (#26428)

  • Baking DAGs into Docker image (#26401)

  • Reload pods when using the same DAG tag (#24576)

  • Minor clarifications about result_backend, dag processor, and helm uninstall (#24929)

  • Add hyperlinks to GitHub PRs for Release Notes (#24532)

  • Terraform should not use Helm hooks for starting jobs (#26604)

  • Flux should not use Helm hooks for starting jobs (#24288)

  • Provide details on how to pull Airflow image from a private repository (#24394)

  • Helm logo no longer a link (#23977)

  • Document LocalKubernetesExecutor support in chart (#23876)

  • Update Production Guide (#23836)


  • Default Airflow version to 2.4.1 (#26485)

  • Vendor in the Bitnami chart (#24395)

  • Remove kubernetes 1.20 support (#25871)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.6.0 (2022-05-20)

Significant Changes

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.3.0 (#23386)

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.3.0, previously it was 2.2.4.

ingress.enabled is deprecated

Instead of having a single flag to control ingress resources for both the webserver and flower, there are now separate flags to control them individually, ingress.web.enabled and ingress.flower.enabled. ingress.enabled is now deprecated, but will still continue to control them both.

Flower disabled by default

Flower is no longer enabled by default when using CeleryExecutor. If you’d like to deploy it, set flower.enabled to true in your values file.

New Features

  • Support annotations on volumeClaimTemplates (#23433)

  • Add support for topologySpreadConstraints to Helm Chart (#22712)

  • Helm support for LocalKubernetesExecutor (#22388)

  • Add securityContext config for Redis to Helm chart (#22182)

  • Allow annotations on Helm DAG PVC (#22261)

  • enable optional subPath for DAGs volume mount (#22323)

  • Added support to override auth_type in auth_file in PgBouncer Helm configuration (#21999)

  • Add extraVolumeMounts to Flower (#22414)

  • Add webserver PodDisruptionBudget (#21735)


  • Ensure the messages from migration job show up early (#23479)

  • Allow migration jobs and init containers to be optional (#22195)

  • Use jobs check command for liveness probe check in Airflow 2 (#22143)

Doc only changes

  • Adds resultBackendSecretName warning in Helm production docs (#23307)


  • Update default Airflow version to 2.3.0 (#23386)

  • Move the database configuration to a new section (#22284)

  • Disable flower in chart by default (#23737)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.5.0, (2022-03-07)

Significant changes

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.2.4

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.2.4, previously it was 2.2.3.

Removed config.api

This section configured the authentication backend for the Airflow API but used the same values as the Airflow default setting, which made it unnecessary to declare the same again.

New Features

  • Add support for custom command and args in jobs (#20864)

  • Support for priorityClassName (#20794)

  • Add envFrom to the Flower deployment (#21401)

  • Add annotations to cleanup pods (#21484)


  • Speedup liveness probe for scheduler and triggerer (#20833, #21108)

  • Update git-sync to v3.4.0 (#21309)

  • Remove default auth backend setting (#21640)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix elasticsearch URL when username/password are empty (#21222)

  • Mount airflow.cfg in wait-for-airflow-migrations containers (#20609)

  • Grant pod log reader to triggerer ServiceAccount (#21111)

Doc only changes

  • Simplify chart docs for configuring Airflow (#21747)

  • Add extra information about time synchronization needed (#21685)

  • Fix extra containers docs (#20787)


  • Use 2.2.4 as default Airflow version (#21745)

  • Change Redis image to bullseye (#21875)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.4.0, (2022-01-10)

Significant changes

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.2.3

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.2.3, previously it was 2.2.1.

ingress.web.hosts and ingress.flower.hosts parameters data type has changed and ingress.web.tls and ingress.flower.tls have moved

ingress.web.hosts and ingress.flower.hosts have had their types have been changed from an array of strings to an array of objects. ingress.web.tls and ingress.flower.tls can now be specified per host in ingress.web.hosts and ingress.flower.hosts respectively.

The old parameter names will continue to work, however support for them will be removed in a future release so please update your values file.

Fixed precedence of nodeSelector, affinity and tolerations params

nodeSelector, affinity and tolerations params precedence has been fixed on all components. Now component-specific params (e.g. webserver.affinity) takes precedence over the global param (e.g. affinity).

Default KubernetesExecutor worker affinity removed

Previously a default affinity was added to KubernetesExecutor workers to spread the workers out across nodes. This default affinity is no longer set because, in general, there is no reason to spread task-specific workers across nodes.

Changes in webserver and flower NetworkPolicy default ports

The defaults for webserver.networkPolicy.ingress.ports and flower.networkPolicy.ingress.ports moved away from using named ports to numerical ports to avoid issues with OpenShift.

Increase default livenessProbe timeoutSeconds for scheduler and triggerer

The default timeout for the scheduler and triggerer livenessProbe has been increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

New Features

  • Add type to extra secrets param (#20599)

  • Support elasticsearch connection scheme (#20564)

  • Allows to disable built-in secret variables individually (#18974)

  • Add support for securityContext (#18249)

  • Add extra containers, volumes and volume mounts for jobs (#18808)

  • Allow ingress multiple hostnames w/diff secrets (#18542)

  • PgBouncer extra volumes, volume mounts, and sslmode (#19749)

  • Allow specifying kerberos keytab (#19054)

  • Allow disabling the Helm hooks (#18776, #20018)

  • Add migration-wait-timeout (#20069)


  • Increase default livenessProbe timeout (#20698)

  • Strict schema for k8s objects for values.yaml (#19181)

  • Remove unnecessary pod_template_file defaults (#19690)

  • Use built-in check-migrations command for Airflow>=2 (#19676)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix precedence of affinity, nodeSelector, and tolerations (#20641)

  • Fix chart elasticsearch default port 80 to 9200. (#20616)

  • Fix network policy issue for webserver and flower ui (#20199)

  • Use local definitions for k8s schema validation (#20544)

  • Add custom labels for ingresses/PVCs (#20535)

  • Fix extra secrets/configmaps labels (#20464)

  • Fix flower restarts on update (#20316)

  • Properly quote namespace names (#20266)

Doc only changes

  • Add helm dependency update step to chart INSTALL (#20702)

  • Reword section covering the envvar secrets (#20566)

  • Add “Customizing Workers” page (#20331)

  • Include Datadog example in production guide (#17996)

  • Update production Helm guide database section to use k8s secret (#19892)

  • Fix multiNamespaceMode docs to also cover KPO (#19879)

  • Clarify Helm behaviour when it comes to loading default connections (#19708)


  • Use 2.2.3 as default Airflow version (#20450)

  • Add ArtifactHUB annotations for docs and screenshots (#20558)

  • Add kubernetes 1.21 support (#19557)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.3.0 (2021-11-08)

Significant changes

Default Airflow image is updated to 2.2.1

The default Airflow image that is used with the Chart is now 2.2.1 (which is Python 3.7), previously it was 2.1.4 (which is Python 3.6).

The triggerer component requires Python 3.7. If you require Python 3.6 and Airflow 2.2.0 or later, use a 3.6 based image and set triggerer.enabled=False in your values.

Resources made configurable for airflow-run-airflow-migrations job

Now it’s possible to set resources requests and limits for migration job through migrateDatabaseJob.resources value.

New Features

  • Chart: Add resources for cleanup and createuser jobs (#19263)

  • Chart: Add labels to jobs created by cleanup pods (#19225)

  • Add migration job resources (#19175)

  • Allow custom pod annotations to all components (#18481)

  • Chart: Make PgBouncer cmd/args configurable (#18910)

  • Chart: Use python 3.7 by default; support disabling triggerer (#18920)


  • Chart: Increase default liveness probe timeout (#19003)

  • Chart: Mount DAGs in triggerer (#18753)

Bug Fixes

  • Allow Airflow UI to create worker pod via Clear > Run (#18272)

  • Allow Airflow standard images to run in OpenShift utilizing the official Helm chart #18136 (#18147)

Doc only changes

  • Chart: Fix extraEnvFrom examples (#19144)

  • Chart docs: Update webserver secret key reference configuration (#18595)

  • Fix helm chart links in source install guide (#18588)


  • Chart: Update default Airflow version to 2.2.1 (#19326)

  • Modernize dockerfiles builds (#19327)

  • Chart: Use strict k8s schemas for template validation (#19379)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.2.0 (2021-09-28)

Significant Changes and parameters have been renamed and data type changed and parameters have been renamed to ingress.web.hosts and ingress.flower.hosts, respectively. Their types have been changed from a string to an array of strings.

The old parameter names will continue to work, however support for them will be removed in a future release so please update your values file.

Default Airflow version is updated to 2.1.4

The default Airflow version that is installed with the Chart is now 2.1.4, previously it was 2.1.2.

Removed ingress.flower.precedingPaths and ingress.flower.succeedingPaths parameters

ingress.flower.precedingPaths and ingress.flower.succeedingPaths parameters have been removed as they had previously had no effect on rendered YAML output.

Change of default path on Ingress

With the move to support the stable Kubernetes Ingress API the default path has been changed from being unset to /. For most Ingress controllers this should not change the behavior of the resulting Ingress resource.

New Features

  • Add Triggerer to Helm Chart (#17743)

  • Chart: warn when webserver secret key isn’t set (#18306)

  • add extraContainers for migrateDatabaseJob (#18379)

  • Labels on job templates (#18403)

  • Chart: Allow running and waiting for DB Migrations using default image (#18218)

  • Chart: Make cleanup cronjob cmd/args configurable (#17970)

  • Chart: configurable number of retention days for log groomers (#17764)

  • Chart: Add loadBalancerSourceRanges in webserver and flower services (#17666)

  • Chart: Support extraContainers in k8s workers (#17562)


  • Switch to latest version of PGBouncer-Exporter (#18429)

  • Chart: Ability to access http k8s via multiple hostnames (#18257)

  • Chart: Use stable API versions where available (#17211)

  • Chart: Allow podTemplate to be templated (#17560)

Bug Fixes

  • Chart: Fix applying labels on Triggerer (#18299)

  • Fixes warm shutdown for celery worker. (#18068)

  • Chart: Fix minor Triggerer issues (#18105)

  • Chart: fix webserver secret key update (#18079)

  • Chart: fix running with uid 0 (#17688)

  • Chart: use ServiceAccount template for log reader RoleBinding (#17645)

  • Chart: Fix elasticsearch-secret template port default function (#17428)

  • KEDA task count query should ignore k8s queue (#17433)

Doc only changes

  • Chart Doc: Delete extra space in adding connections doc (#18424)

  • Improves installing from sources pages for all components (#18251)

  • Chart docs: Format loadBalancerSourceRanges using code-block (#17763)

  • Doc: Fix a broken link in an ssh-related warning message (#17294)

  • Chart: Add instructions to Update Helm Repo before upgrade (#17282)

  • Chart docs: better note for logs existing PVC permissions (#17177)


  • Chart: Update the default Airflow version to 2.1.4 (#18354)

Airflow Helm Chart 1.1.0 (2021-07-26)

Significant Changes

Run helm repo update before upgrading the chart to the latest version.

Default Airflow version is updated to 2.1.2

The default Airflow version that is installed with the Chart is now 2.1.2, previously it was 2.0.2.

Helm 2 no longer supported

This chart has dropped support for Helm 2 as it has been deprecated and no longer receiving security updates since November 2020.

webserver.extraNetworkPolicies and flower.extraNetworkPolicies parameters have been renamed

webserver.extraNetworkPolicies and flower.extraNetworkPolicies have been renamed to webserver.networkPolicy.ingress.from and flower.networkPolicy.ingress.from, respectively. Their values and behavior are the same.

The old parameter names will continue to work, however support for them will be removed in a future release so please update your values file.

Removed dags.gitSync.root, dags.gitSync.dest, and dags.gitSync.excludeWebserver parameters

The dags.gitSync.root and dags.gitSync.dest parameters did not provide any useful behaviors to chart users so they have been removed. If you have them set in your values file you can safely remove them.

The dags.gitSync.excludeWebserver parameter was mistakenly included in the charts values.schema.json. If you have it set in your values file, you can safely remove it.

nodeSelector, affinity and tolerations on migrateDatabaseJob and createUserJob jobs

The migrateDatabaseJob and createUserJob jobs were incorrectly using the webserver’s nodeSelector, affinity and tolerations (if set). Each job is now configured separately.

New Features

  • Chart: Allow using krb5.conf with CeleryExecutor (#16822)

  • Chart: Refactor webserver and flower NetworkPolicy (#16619)

  • Chart: Apply worker’s node assigning settings to Pod Template File (#16663)

  • Chart: Support for overriding webserver and flower service ports (#16572)

  • Chart: Support extraContainers and extraVolumes in flower (#16515)

  • Chart: Allow configuration of pod resources in helm chart (#16425)

  • Chart: Support job level annotations; fix jobs scheduling config (#16331)

  • feat: Helm chart adding minReplicaCount to the KEDA worker-kedaautoscaler.yaml (#16262)

  • Chart: Adds support for custom command and args (#16153)

  • Chart: Add extra ini config to pgbouncer (#16120)

  • Chart: Add extraInitContainers to scheduler/webserver/workers (#16098)

  • Configurable resources for git-sync sidecar (#16080)

  • Chart: Template airflowLocalSettings and webserver.webserverConfig (#16074)

  • Support strategy/updateStrategy on scheduler (#16069)

  • Chart: Add both airflow and extra annotations to jobs (#16058)

  • loadBalancerIP and annotations for both Flower and Webserver (#15972)


  • Chart: Update Postgres subchart to 10.5.3 (#17041)

  • Chart: Update the default Airflow version to 2.1.2 (#17013)

  • Update default image as 2.1.1 for Helm Chart (#16785)

  • Chart: warn when using default logging with KubernetesExecutor (#16784)

  • Drop support for Helm 2 (#16575)

  • Chart: podAntiAffinity for scheduler, webserver, and workers (#16315)

  • Chart: Update the default Airflow Version to 2.1.0 (#16273)

  • Chart: Only mount DAGs in webserver when required (#16229)

  • Chart: Remove git-sync: root and dest params (#15955)

  • Chart: Add warning about missing knownHosts (#15950)

Bug Fixes

  • Chart: Create a random secret for Webserver’s flask secret key (#17142)

  • Chart: fix labels on cleanup ServiceAccount (#16722)

  • Chart: Fix overriding node assigning settings on Worker Deployment (#16670)

  • Chart: Always deploy a gitsync init container (#16339)

  • Chart: Fix updating from KubernetesExecutor to CeleryExecutor (#16242)

  • Chart: Adds labels to Kubernetes worker pods (#16203)

  • Chart: Allow webserver.base_url to be templated (#16126)

  • Chart: Fix PgBouncer exporter sidecar (#16099)

  • Remove dags.gitSync.excludeWebserver from chart values.schema.json (#16070)

  • Chart: Fix Elasticsearch secret created without Elasticsearch enabled (#16015)

  • Handle special characters in passwords for Helm Chart (#16004)

  • Fix flower ServiceAccount created without flower enable (#16011)

  • Chart: gitsync Clean Up for KubernetesExecutor (#15925)

  • Mount DAGs read only when using gitsync (#15953)

Doc only changes

  • Chart docs: note uid write permissions for existing PVC (#17170)

  • Chart Docs: Add single-line description for multiNamespaceMode (#17147)

  • Chart: Update description for Helm chart to include ‘official’ (#17040)

  • Chart: Better comment and example for podTemplate (#16859)

  • Chart: Add more clear docs for setting pod_template_file.yaml (#16632)

  • Fix description on scheduler.livenessprobe.periodSeconds (#16486)

  • Chart docs: Fix extrasecrets example (#16305)

  • Small improvements for files (#16244)


  • Removes pylint from our toolchain (#16682)

  • Update link to match what is in pre-commit (#16408)

  • Chart: Update the appVersion to 2.1.0 in Chart.yaml (#16337)

  • Rename the main branch of the Airflow repo to be main (#16149)

  • Update Chart version to 1.1.0-rc1 (#16124)

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