Google Cloud Platform Connection

The Google Cloud Platform connection type enables the GCP Integrations.

Authenticating to GCP

There are two ways to connect to GCP using Airflow.

  1. Use Application Default Credentials, such as via the metadata server when running on Google Compute Engine.

  2. Use a service account key file (JSON format) on disk.

Default Connection IDs

The following connection IDs are used by default.


Used by the BigQueryHook hook.


Used by the DatastoreHook hook.


Used by those hooks:

Configuring the Connection

Project Id (optional)

The Google Cloud project ID to connect to. It is used as default project id by operators using it and can usually be overridden at the operator level.

Keyfile Path

Path to a service account key file (JSON format) on disk.

Not required if using application default credentials.

Keyfile JSON

Contents of a service account key file (JSON format) on disk. It is recommended to Secure your connections if using this method to authenticate.

Not required if using application default credentials.

Scopes (comma separated)

A list of comma-separated Google Cloud scopes to authenticate with.


Scopes are ignored when using application default credentials. See issue AIRFLOW-2522.

When specifying the connection in environment variable you should specify it using URI syntax, with the following requirements:

  • scheme part should be equals google-cloud-platform (Note: look for a hyphen character)

  • authority (username, password, host, port), path is ignored

  • query parameters contains information specific to this type of connection. The following keys are accepted:

    • extra__google_cloud_platform__project - Project Id

    • extra__google_cloud_platform__key_path - Keyfile Path

    • extra__google_cloud_platform__key_dict - Keyfile JSON

    • extra__google_cloud_platform__scope - Scopes

Note that all components of the URI should be URL-encoded.

For example: