Airflow was started in October 2014 by Maxime Beauchemin at Airbnb. It was open source from the very first commit and officially brought under the Airbnb GitHub and announced in June 2015.

The project joined the Apache Software Foundation’s Incubator program in March 2016 and the Foundation announced Apache Airflow as a Top-Level Project in January 2019.


  • @mistercrunch (Maxime “Max” Beauchemin)

  • @r39132 (Siddharth “Sid” Anand)

  • @criccomini (Chris Riccomini)

  • @bolkedebruin (Bolke de Bruin)

  • @artwr (Arthur Wiedmer)

  • @jlowin (Jeremiah Lowin)

  • @aoen (Dan Davydov)

  • @msumit (Sumit Maheshwari)

  • @alexvanboxel (Alex Van Boxel)

  • @saguziel (Alex Guziel)

  • @joygao (Joy Gao)

  • @fokko (Fokko Driesprong)

  • @ash (Ash Berlin-Taylor)

  • @kaxilnaik (Kaxil Naik)

  • @feng-tao (Tao Feng)

  • @hiteshs (Hitesh Shah)

  • @jghoman (Jakob Homan)

  • @XD-DENG (Xiaodong Deng)

  • @dimberman (Daniel Imberman)

For the full list of contributors, take a look at Airflow’s Github Contributor page:


Please refer to the Roadmap on the wiki