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class airflow.sensors.s3_key_sensor.S3KeySensor(bucket_key, bucket_name=None, wildcard_match=False, aws_conn_id='aws_default', verify=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]


Waits for a key (a file-like instance on S3) to be present in a S3 bucket. S3 being a key/value it does not support folders. The path is just a key a resource.

  • bucket_key (str) – The key being waited on. Supports full s3:// style url or relative path from root level.

  • bucket_name (str) – Name of the S3 bucket

  • wildcard_match (bool) – whether the bucket_key should be interpreted as a Unix wildcard pattern

  • aws_conn_id (str) – a reference to the s3 connection

  • verify (bool or str) –

    Whether or not to verify SSL certificates for S3 connection. By default SSL certificates are verified. You can provide the following values:

    • False: do not validate SSL certificates. SSL will still be used

      (unless use_ssl is False), but SSL certificates will not be verified.

    • path/to/cert/bundle.pem: A filename of the CA cert bundle to uses.

      You can specify this argument if you want to use a different CA cert bundle than the one used by botocore.

template_fields = ['bucket_key', 'bucket_name'][source]
poke(self, context)[source]