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class airflow.sensors.metastore_partition_sensor.MetastorePartitionSensor(table, partition_name, schema='default', mysql_conn_id='metastore_mysql', *args, **kwargs)[source]


An alternative to the HivePartitionSensor that talk directly to the MySQL db. This was created as a result of observing sub optimal queries generated by the Metastore thrift service when hitting subpartitioned tables. The Thrift service’s queries were written in a way that wouldn’t leverage the indexes.

  • schema (str) – the schema

  • table (str) – the table

  • partition_name (str) – the partition name, as defined in the PARTITIONS table of the Metastore. Order of the fields does matter. Examples: ds=2016-01-01 or ds=2016-01-01/sub=foo for a sub partitioned table

  • mysql_conn_id (str) – a reference to the MySQL conn_id for the metastore

template_fields = ['partition_name', 'table', 'schema'][source]
ui_color = #8da7be[source]
poke(self, context)[source]