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class airflow.contrib.operators.oracle_to_oracle_transfer.OracleToOracleTransfer(oracle_destination_conn_id, destination_table, oracle_source_conn_id, source_sql, source_sql_params=None, rows_chunk=5000, *args, **kwargs)[source]


Moves data from Oracle to Oracle.

  • oracle_destination_conn_id (str) – destination Oracle connection.

  • destination_table (str) – destination table to insert rows.

  • oracle_source_conn_id (str) – source Oracle connection.

  • source_sql (str) – SQL query to execute against the source Oracle database. (templated)

  • source_sql_params (dict) – Parameters to use in sql query. (templated)

  • rows_chunk (int) – number of rows per chunk to commit.

template_fields = ['source_sql', 'source_sql_params'][source]
ui_color = #e08c8c[source]
_execute(self, src_hook, dest_hook, context)[source]
execute(self, context)[source]