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class airflow.contrib.operators.opsgenie_alert_operator.OpsgenieAlertOperator(message, opsgenie_conn_id='opsgenie_default', alias=None, description=None, responders=None, visibleTo=None, actions=None, tags=None, details=None, entity=None, source=None, priority=None, user=None, note=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]


This operator allows you to post alerts to Opsgenie. Accepts a connection that has an Opsgenie API key as the connection’s password. This operator sets the domain to, and if not set will default to

Each Opsgenie API key can be pre-configured to a team integration. You can override these defaults in this operator.

  • opsgenie_conn_id (str) – The name of the Opsgenie connection to use

  • message (str) – The Message of the Opsgenie alert (templated)

  • alias (str) – Client-defined identifier of the alert (templated)

  • description (str) – Description field of the alert (templated)

  • responders (list[dict]) – Teams, users, escalations and schedules that the alert will be routed to send notifications.

  • visibleTo (list[dict]) – Teams and users that the alert will become visible to without sending any notification.

  • actions (list[str]) – Custom actions that will be available for the alert.

  • tags (list[str]) – Tags of the alert.

  • details (dict) – Map of key-value pairs to use as custom properties of the alert.

  • entity (str) – Entity field of the alert that is generally used to specify which domain alert is related to. (templated)

  • source (str) – Source field of the alert. Default value is IP address of the incoming request.

  • priority (str) – Priority level of the alert. Default value is P3. (templated)

  • user (str) – Display name of the request owner.

  • note (str) – Additional note that will be added while creating the alert. (templated)

template_fields = ['message', 'alias', 'description', 'entity', 'priority', 'note'][source]

Construct the Opsgenie JSON payload. All relevant parameters are combined here to a valid Opsgenie JSON payload.


Opsgenie payload (dict) to send

execute(self, context)[source]

Call the OpsgenieAlertHook to post message