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class airflow.contrib.operators.hive_to_dynamodb.HiveToDynamoDBTransferOperator(sql, table_name, table_keys, pre_process=None, pre_process_args=None, pre_process_kwargs=None, region_name=None, schema='default', hiveserver2_conn_id='hiveserver2_default', aws_conn_id='aws_default', *args, **kwargs)[source]


Moves data from Hive to DynamoDB, note that for now the data is loaded into memory before being pushed to DynamoDB, so this operator should be used for smallish amount of data.

  • sql (str) – SQL query to execute against the hive database. (templated)

  • table_name (str) – target DynamoDB table

  • table_keys (list) – partition key and sort key

  • pre_process (function) – implement pre-processing of source data

  • pre_process_args (list) – list of pre_process function arguments

  • pre_process_kwargs (dict) – dict of pre_process function arguments

  • region_name (str) – aws region name (example: us-east-1)

  • schema (str) – hive database schema

  • hiveserver2_conn_id (str) – source hive connection

  • aws_conn_id (str) – aws connection

template_fields = ['sql'][source]
template_ext = ['.sql'][source]
ui_color = #a0e08c[source]
execute(self, context)[source]