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class airflow.contrib.operators.dingding_operator.DingdingOperator(dingding_conn_id='dingding_default', message_type='text', message=None, at_mobiles=None, at_all=False, *args, **kwargs)[source]


This operator allows you send Dingding message using Dingding custom bot. Get Dingding token from conn_id.password. And prefer set domain to, if not will use default

For more detail message in Dingding custom bot

  • dingding_conn_id (str) – The name of the Dingding connection to use

  • message_type (str) – Message type you want to send to Dingding, support five type so far including text, link, markdown, actionCard, feedCard

  • message (str or dict) – The message send to Dingding chat group

  • at_mobiles (list[str]) – Remind specific users with this message

  • at_all (bool) – Remind all people in group or not. If True, will overwrite at_mobiles

template_fields = ['message'][source]
ui_color = #4ea4d4[source]
execute(self, context)[source]