Presto Connection

The Presto connection type enables connection to Presto which is an open-source distributed SQL query engine designed for fast analytics on large-scale data sources, enabling interactive querying across multiple data platforms.

Default Connection IDs

Presto Hook uses the parameter presto_conn_id for Connection IDs and the value of the parameter as presto_default by default. Presto Hook supports multiple authentication types to ensure all users of the system are authenticated, the parameter auth can be set to enable authentication. The value of the parameter is None by default.

Configuring the Connection


The host to connect to.


The port to connect to the host. Presto will use 8080 as default.


Effective user for connection.


This can be to pass to enable Basic Authentication. This is an optional parameter and is not required if a different authentication mechanism is used.

Extra (optional, connection parameters)

Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in Presto connection. The following parameters out of the standard python parameters are supported:

  • auth - Specifies which type of authentication needs to be enabled. The value can be kerberos.

  • source - Specifies source to connect to. Default value is airflow.

  • protocol - Specifies port to connect with. Default value is http.

  • catalog - Specifies which catalog to use. Default value is hive.

  • verify - Client certificate path to connect with SSL/TLS.

The following extra parameters can be used to configure authentication:

  • kerberos__service_name, kerberos__config, kerberos__mutual_authentication, kerberos__force_preemptive, kerberos__hostname_override, kerberos__sanitize_mutual_error_response, kerberos__principal, kerberos__delegate, kerberos__ca_bundle - These parameters can be set when enabling kerberos authentication.

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