Jupyter Kernel Connection

The Jupyter Kernel connection type enables remote kernel connections.

Default Connection ID

The default Jupyter Kernel connection ID is jupyter_kernel_default.

Configuring the Connection


HOSTNAME/IP of the remote Jupyter Kernel

Extra (optional)

Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in kernel connection. All parameters are optional.

  • session_key: Session key to initiate a connection to remote kernel [default: ‘’].

  • shell_port: SHELL port [default: 60316].

  • iopub_port: IOPUB port [default: 60317].

  • stdin_port: STDIN port [default: 60318].

  • control_port: CONTROL port [default: 60319].

  • hb_port: HEARTBEAT port [default: 60320].

If you are configuring the connection via a URI, ensure that all components of the URI are URL-encoded.


Set Remote Kernel Connection as Environment Variable (URI)
export AIRFLOW_CONN_JUPYTER_KERNEL_DEFAULT='{"host": "remote_host", "extra": {"session_key": "notebooks"}}'
Snippet for create Connection as URI:
from airflow.models.connection import Connection

conn = Connection(
        # Specify extra parameters here
        "session_key": "notebooks",

# Generate Environment Variable Name
env_key = f"AIRFLOW_CONN_{conn.conn_id.upper()}"


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