Hook for sending or receiving data from PagerDuty as well as creating PagerDuty incidents.

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This class can be used to interact with the Pagerduty Events API.

class airflow.providers.pagerduty.hooks.pagerduty_events.PagerdutyEventsHook(integration_key=None, pagerduty_events_conn_id=None)[source]

Bases: airflow.hooks.base.BaseHook

This class can be used to interact with the Pagerduty Events API.

It takes both an Events API token and a PagerDuty connection with the Events API token

(i.e. Integration key) as the password/Pagerduty API token. If both supplied, the token will be used.

  • integration_key (Optional[str]) -- PagerDuty Events API token

  • pagerduty_conn_id -- connection that has PagerDuty integration key in the Pagerduty API token field

conn_name_attr = pagerduty_events_conn_id[source]
default_conn_name = pagerduty_events_default[source]
conn_type = pagerduty_events[source]
hook_name = Pagerduty Events[source]
static get_ui_field_behaviour()[source]

Returns custom field behaviour

create_event(self, summary, severity, source='airflow', action='trigger', dedup_key=None, custom_details=None, group=None, component=None, class_type=None, images=None, links=None)[source]

Create event for service integration.

  • summary (str) -- Summary for the event

  • severity (str) -- Severity for the event, needs to be one of: info, warning, error, critical

  • source (str) -- Specific human-readable unique identifier, such as a hostname, for the system having the problem.

  • action (str) -- Event action, needs to be one of: trigger, acknowledge, resolve. Default to trigger if not specified.

  • dedup_key (Optional[str]) -- A string which identifies the alert triggered for the given event. Required for the actions acknowledge and resolve.

  • custom_details (Optional[Any]) -- Free-form details from the event. Can be a dictionary or a string. If a dictionary is passed it will show up in PagerDuty as a table.

  • group (Optional[str]) -- A cluster or grouping of sources. For example, sources “prod-datapipe-02” and “prod-datapipe-03” might both be part of “prod-datapipe”

  • component (Optional[str]) -- The part or component of the affected system that is broken.

  • class_type (Optional[str]) -- The class/type of the event.

  • images (Optional[List[Any]]) -- List of images to include. Each dictionary in the list accepts the following keys: src: The source (URL) of the image being attached to the incident. This image must be served via HTTPS. href: [Optional] URL to make the image a clickable link. alt: [Optional] Alternative text for the image.

  • links (Optional[List[Any]]) -- List of links to include. Each dictionary in the list accepts the following keys: href: URL of the link to be attached. text: [Optional] Plain text that describes the purpose of the link, and can be used as the link's text.


PagerDuty Events API v2 response.

Return type


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