Releasing security patches

Airflow providers are released independently from Airflow itself and the information about vulnerabilities is published separately. You can upgrade providers independently from Airflow itself, following the instructions found in Installation from PyPI.

When we release Provider version, the development is always done from the main branch where we prepare the next version. The provider uses strict SemVer versioning policy. Depending on the scope of the change, Provider will get ‘’MAJOR’’ version upgrade when there are breaking changes, MINOR version upgrade when there are new features or PATCHLEVEL version upgrade when there are only bug fixes (including security bugfixes) - and this is the only version that receives security fixes by default, so you should upgrade to latest version of the provider if you want to receive all released security fixes.

The only exception to that rule is when we have a critical security fix and good reason to provide an out-of-band release for the provider, in which case stakeholders in the provider might decide to cherry-pick and prepare a branch for an older version of the provider following the mixed governance model and requires interested parties to cherry-pick and test the fixes.

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